Revolutionize your Candidate Experience

Super-simple NPS measurement. Accurate, actionable, real time candidate feedback.

Seven Reasons.

Seven reasons our enterprise-level Candidate Experience NPS tool will have you dancing with happiness:

Real-time Net Promoter Score measurement

Benchmark using trusted and accurate industry data

Shape your candidate experience to delight your audience

Compare and improve performance with best practice reports

Engage and reward your candidates for opinions and suggestions

Increase and leverage individual accountability within your organisation

Access an extensive library of pre-written questions from talent attraction experts Ph.Creative


Improve your candidate experience using the only opinions that matter. Theirs.

Happy Dance is the number one premium product dedicated to gathering and measuring candidate opinions, to help you continuously refine candidate experience and hire the best people.

Face the music, and dance…

Great questions included.

With our library of honed and refined candidate experience questions, you’ll never be wondering what to ask your candidates. Mix and match with your own questions, too.

Effortless Integration.

Happy Dance works with any current tech stack you already use, so you can quickly get to work measuring your candidate experience without any heavy lifting.

All bases covered.

You can use Happy Dance on any email, web page or standard notification you currently deploy to measure NPS and ask for candidate feedback.

Quick and Easy.

Getting up and running takes just a couple of minutes. No technical wizardry required, and the user reports is simplicity itself.

Read, react and refine.

Assigning candidate feedback to members of your team turns comments into action. Constantly refine and improve your candidate experience.

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Happy Dance is brought to you by Ph.Creative, the Defenders of Happiness.

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